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Piano Services for Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, Ojai, California & Beyond

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Professional Piano Tuning & Repair in Oxnard,CA

Make music how it was meant to sound with a perfectly tuned piano from John Caterino Piano Service. John is proud to offer piano tuning and repair throughout Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, Ojai, California & beyond as well as assistance with regulation and voicing to ensure that every song sounds sweet. Contact him today to request a service.

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Piano Tuning

From fluctuating temperatures and humidity to changes in its materials or simply old age, there are many ways your piano can fall out of tune. This can lead to minor, subtle changes that are hard to detect or major ones that can land harshly on even an untrained ear. Either way, a skilled tuner like John will help you resolve the issue.

Piano tuning involves adjusting the tension of each string so that each one plays in harmony with the others. Each of the more than 200 strings is attached to a hitch pin at one end while the other is wrapped around a tuning pin. John knows how to perfectly adjust each of these strings to reach the desired pitch for you or the player.

Tuning and Repair Expert - West Covina, CA

Piano Repair - West Covina, CA

Piano Regulation

The moving parts of your piano may also require periodic adjustments to compensate for wear, compaction, and changes in the wood due to humidity. Piano regulation ensures that each moving part operates as it should so that your piano remains responsive to your touch. This process gives your piano the feeling of being fresh from the factory.

Piano Voicing

Each piano is a unique creation—no matter how mass-produced it may be. That means every piano has a different tonal profile than another. Piano voicing keeps your unique piano true and melodic by adjusting its tone.

A variety of techniques—including reshaping, realigning, and treating the hammers with chemicals—are used to soften them and adjust the tone of your instrument.

Piano Technician - West Covina, CA

Piano Key Repair - West Covina, CA

Piano Repair

A well-used piano is one that will eventually need to be repaired. Some problems that might develop over time include squeaking pedals, sticking keys, and even worn action parts. John is ready to replace, clean, or restore any part of your piano so that it looks and functions like new again. This makes your instrument easier to use and delivers a better sound when playing.

Call John at (626) 919-1556 or email him to take advantage of his piano cleaning and repair services right away.