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Contact an Experienced Piano Tuner in West Covina, CA

Piano owners and musicians know that they can rely on John Caterino Piano Service. His expertise and proficiency in dealing with all aspects of pianos make him the go-to piano tuner in West Covina, CA. You can contact him for repairs, appraisals, and piano cleaning as well. Customers ranging from The Covina Center for the Performing Arts, churches, recording studios, and teaching facilities know they can depend upon John to keep their pianos in peak condition.

Tuning a piano requires a combination of a keen ear, skill, and a precise touch. These are all the things that John Caterino Piano Service provides when you want your instrument in perfect tune. If you wish to have your piano brought back into excellent condition, then you should contact John for piano restoration.

Hundreds of customers turn to John for piano appraisals and cleaning because he has extensive knowledge and insight into the value of these instruments. He will provide a thorough examination and then offer an accurate assessment of its worth.

Keeping your piano tuned, cleaned, and well-maintained goes a long way toward making it a joy to play and listen to. It also helps retain its value. Call today for complete service.

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