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 The Ideal Location for Instrument Appraisals in West Covina, CA

In addition to tuning and repairs, John Caterino offers instrument appraisals in West Covina, CA, to let you know the value of your instruments and cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dust. Contact him in West Covina, Glendora, and Diamond Bar, California, for more details.

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During instrument appraisals, John evaluates a piano, typically a used one, to determine whether it's worth buying. He looks at many things including rust on the strings or tuning pins, cracks in the soundboard or bridges, loose tuning and bridge pins, and excessive wear.

Piano Cleaning

Over time, dust collects inside your piano, which eventually leads to problems. As a piano tuner and technician, John Caterino knows how to vacuum and blow out the dust, completely cleaning out the interior of your instrument.

Instrument Appraisals - West Covina, CA

Call (626) 919-1556 or email John to request a piano appraisal or cleaning service today.