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Thorough and Accurate Piano Appraisal in Oxnard,CA

When you want to purchase a new instrument or wish to sell yours, the best way to ensure a fair price, in either case, is with an accurate piano appraisal in Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, Ojai, California & beyond. John Caterino Piano Service is ready to assess the piano and determine its condition and quality. This inspection will reveal if it needs repairs or tuning or if it is in fine condition and ready for sale.

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A Proven Process

John’s appraisal process has been perfected and proven through years of experience. When he looks at a piano, he checks for many telltale signs and indications of quality. He is alert for rust on the strings or tuning pins, or cracked soundboards and bridges. If the instrument has excessive wear or the bridge pins or tuning is loose, he’ll identify the issues. If it needs piano cleaning, you can depend on John for that as well. The appraisal will reveal if the piano is a bargain or should be avoided.

Cleaned and Tuned

John Caterino Piano Service considers the overall condition of the piano during an appraisal. If it’s dirty and dusty and appears neglected, it may be viewed at a lower value. Trust John to clean it and apply his skills as a piano tuner, if necessary.

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